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About Us

The P2P money website

The P2P money website was the first to provide independent coverage of peer-to-peer lending within the United Kingdom.  We're passionate that peer-to-peer lending can help lenders and borrowers alike, and have a positive impact on the economy by facilitating loans to creditworthy individuals and small to medium size enterprises.  The P2P money website provides news on the sector though our blog and Twitter feed, an innovative comparison tool that aids customers compare products, and finally a unique cashback microsite that gives customers an extra incentive to try peer-to-peer lending.  Our mission is to educate and illustrate the benefits of peer-to peer lending.

"I have been a lender since Zopa launched the concept of peer-to-peer lending.  In 2010/11 there was a wave of new companies starting-up in this space, offering new and alternative models.  There wasn't much independent, accurate and unbiased information on the differences between the different peer-to-peer companies, hence the P2P money website was developed.  I'm passionate that peer-to-peer lending can make a positive difference to both lenders and borrowers, be they individuals or businesses."

, founder of the P2P money website

Ian Gurney launched the P2P money website in June 2011, and has been quoted within leading publications such as the Financial Times, Guardian and The Telegraph, and has spoken on BBC Radio 4.

Companies looking to set-up or expand their peer-to-peer offering in the UK should contact us for publicity, and to be added to our index.  We also offer consultative work based on our first hand and practical experience of the peer-to peer industry.

p2pmoney is a registered trade mark UK00003051266.