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Grade Term Annual
Bad Debt
Bad Debt
Predicted Predicted Actual
A+ all not
0.5% not
A all not
1.0% not
A- all not
2.0% not
B+ all not
3.0% not
B all not
4.0% not
Data valid as of 17th August 2012

YouAngelYouAngel was launched in 2011 and focuses on the peer-to-business market.  The company is still in its infancy and has made very few loans to date, so it is difficult to provide a detailed review.

Another company called Massows Angels has teamed up with YouAngel, and this is effectively YouAngel under the Massows Angels brand.

Unique selling point

YouAngel does not have an upper limit on the loan size, however given the relatively small size it would probably be unable to fund large loan requests.  YouAngel also does not charge lenders any fees currently.

Additionally YouAngel offer a provision fund, but this required lenders to make a contribution of the expected bad debt.


As YouAngel has not currently established itself as a major player in this field it is perhaps too early to judge its performance.  There appears to be a shortage of borrowers but this is now increasing, while the availability of lenders is yet to be understood.

General Communication :-(:-(:-|:-|:-| 3/10
Ease of Web Site :-):-|:-|:-|:-| 6/10
Innovation :-(:-(:-|:-|:-| 3/10
Lending Lending Rates :-|:-|:-|:-|:-| 5/10
Fees :-):-):-):-|:-| 8/10
Access to Funds :-(:-(:-|:-|:-| 3/10
Bad Debt :-|:-|:-|:-|:-| 5/10
Borrowing Loan Rates :-):-):-|:-|:-| 7/10
Speed of Loan :-(:-|:-|:-|:-| 4/10
Fees :-):-|:-|:-|:-| 6/10
Overall :-|:-|:-|:-|:-| 5.0/10

For an in-depth analysis and comparable statistics please refer to the comparisons of the peer-to-peer companies.

In summary YouAngel is still to establish itself and as such we will keep monitoring the company, as it is too early to provide a definitive and fair summary.

Bad debt warning - bad debt can take months to years to materialise, and therefore the actual bad debt figure may not be fully representative, especially when a company's loan book is growing at a significant rate (for example for the first two years Zopa bad debt was 0.05%)
YouAngel review written by , last updated on 17th August 2012